TEFO Export Finance: Business Development, Investment Readiness and Loan Packaging

We match you to products as required to obtain the right project financing, whether project equity or debt, or both. In order to unlock an enabling loan, adequate amounts of project equity (described below) must be committed to the project, [from the promoters, sponsors or other partners,] as the company must take on a meaningful share of the risks. For established companies and startups alike, investment readiness results from an eyes-open evaluation of the three facets – preparation, financial assets, and risk management.

Few projects are “born ready” – they take careful planning and attention to considerable detail. The key is to quickly identify and shorn up any remaining areas of your project that are undefined, unclear, or that represent unmanaged risks to investors.

To achieve these goals, TEFO works with a network of specialized brokers, agents, pre-screening organizations and individuals specialized in loan packaging and origination.

We offer a range project development, presentation, and packaging to accelerate the time it usually takes to secure financing and complete the project so it can begin delivering benefit as quickly as possible.

TEFO offers a fast and easy assessment tool to quickly determine what services are need to improve your chances of fundraising success. Get answers in as little as 15 minutes.

Get your project’s funding without breaking a sweat

Three products make this possible:

  1. Long term senior debt – development finance loans from $1m - $250m or more, from 3-20 years, at or below market rates of interest. This is particularly useful outside the USA, in emerging or frontier markets, when most commercial banks are not set up to provide this kind of loan.
  2. Project equity – secure a commitment to fund the project from existing or additional investors, typically at least 25-335% of the project’s total budget, structured to unlock the enabling loan(s).
  3. Political Risk Insurance (PRI) or other guarantees to qualify for the lowest-possible rates of interest and expedite loan processing. (more on PRI?)

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